Procuros for FMCG


While you sit back:
Procuros automates B2B transactions and connects to new trade partners within hours. Scaling-up has never been so fast – or so simple.

Procuros brings success to a diverse FMCG customer-base

Eliminate bottlenecks in your supply chain.

Say Adieu! to paper and manual data entry and reduce errors by 80%. Automate all operational processes in our Integration Hub, where your retail customer, supplier and logistics transactions flow as one.

Meet deadlines effortlessly. Own your time.

Connect once. That’s it.

Our technology connects to your ERP system in 10 minutes, with no extra manual integrations. Procuros handles all trade partner IT requirements and data management in its one-stop platform, supporting a wide range of international mapping and formats.

No more long, costly IT projects.
Use your resources for what counts.

New trade partnerships? Already in the bag.

Build long-lasting B2B relationships with new levels of ease and transparency. Connect to new trade partners within 48 hours and scale-up fast.

And best of all, our network of leaders like REWE, Edeka, Rossmann and beyond mean those new connections are waiting at the door.