Procuros for Manufacturing


The Procuros all-in-one platform automates B2B transactions and tailors to your customer and supplier needs. New levels of efficiency and transparency: never lose track of what counts.

Manufacturing companies big and small have teamed up with Procuros

Consolidate all supplier portals into one platform.

Connect once to Procuros and have every customer relationship in one place.

Goodbye endless supplier portals, manual data entry, unseen errors or missing parts: the Procuros Integration Hub handles
data transfer and gives a centralized connection to all partners.

And with our ready-to-use connections to common supplier portals, start getting results in a flash.

Be the friendliest face for your suppliers.

So many systems in this world. Too many, perhaps.

Bring relief to potential suppliers with our simple onboarding process: Procuros connects their ERP system directly with your supplier portal.

As straightforward as it should be, all while accelerating your portal’s adoption rate.

Everything flows. Unobstructed.

See everything happen, in real time: Procuros gives you end-to-end visibility for you to optimize your supply chain, from stock level to turnover to untimely disruptions.

Automate your exchanges of transaction documents to reduce errors and maximize efficiency.

Enjoy fast procure-to-pay processes and deliver orders accurately –
every single time.

Reduce costs without lifting a finger.

Automate to reduce operational costs, and release your time for other tasks.

Gone are the days of everlasting IT integrations: Procuros takes all
supplier systems under its wing.

Meanwhile, our transaction-based pricing model and low implementation costs ensure that you get a maximized ROI from day one.